• A night of tease and misbehaviour

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  • Private Club

    nestled between the City

    and Shoreditch





    We head back to our scandalous private club nestled between Shoreditch and the City, behind the grand façade lies a house of sexual discovery, flirtation and complete liberation for all queer, bi and sexually curious women.

    Start off in our Palace of Tease bar, a place to mix and mingle with acquaintances old and new, this is where you will be treated to shows from our hot as hell dancers and seductive performers before entering our more playful zones.

    From here, all wanting and willing souls can make their way to our Temple of Play. guided by the very trusted hands of Mint’s Mistresses, dive head-first into our female utopia and discover a fun night of hedonism and self-discovery.

    Explore the stairway to heaven and you will discover our headmasters office, the loft, private and open play room's, or play out your fantasies in our fully equipped dungeon if you prefer to play this way.

    For those experiencing for the first time there’ll be fun ice breaking games, and for those who prefer not to play there are plenty of cosy corners, take a pew on the mezzanine level and watch as the night unfolds.


    Nervous newbie, Don't be Coloured bands will be handed out upon arrival – consent is queen, and we will pride ourselves on being a zero-pressure party.


    Slide into your sexiest attire and prepare for the most mischievous and utterly wild Thursday night of your lives…

    Important Notes…

    • Consent is Queen at any Tease party – yes mean yes, anything else means no. Respect boundaries, respect each other, treat those around you as the queens they are
    • There are lots of lockers & changing rooms on site… save you from prancing around on the Underground in your finest naughty gear. You will need a £20 cash deposit to have a locker for the night, you will get this back when you return the key at the end of the night.


    Nervous Newbie, don't be

    Coloured bands will be handed out upon arrival – and consent is queen, we will pride ourselves on being a zero-pressure party.


    Red for the off-limits: those who’ve come to voyeur/with BAE on their arm

    Orange for the undecided: curious as to what the night might bring – be it friends, lovers, laughs or fantasies fulfilled

    Green for the sexy, single & ready to mingle


    Camera-free zone, what happens at Mint Tease...


    Thursday 3rd March, doors at 7pm, carriages await at Midnight.




    (nestled between Shoreditch and the City, very close to the tube)


    Photo's are strictly prohibited. You will be asked to leave and photo deleted.


    There are changing rooms, lockers and shower facilities


    Those with disabilities are, as always, very welcome.

    Though unfortunately the historic building has three floors with twisting staircases, so access is poor. We apologise for this & ensure to programme accessible venues wherever possible.

    You may be asked to show government ID.


    You will need to sign up and create a free profile on our new social and ticketing platform mintsocial.co from here you can purchase tickets for the event.


    Please note if you wish to remain anonymous on the site, please let us know when applying. You can delete your account at anytime. mintsocial.co has been created for a safe and non-judgemental space to connect with friends before and after all Mint events.

    contact nikki@mintsocial.co with any questions.




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